My new body of works in INVICTUS are in direct response to events and circumstances in my life, events that one has no control over, but all part of the natural cycle of life. A parent’s death, a break-up and a mental health issue have all had a major impact on me as an artist.

As always in my art, I deal with the world around me, in terms of mood, imagery and symbolism. Now my latest paintings and ink drawings look at aspects of mortality in a personal way, a reflection of loss, departure, fate and change but also commenting on new love and romance.

My love story within the exhibition extends to the desolate but glorious landscapes of outback Queensland, namely Winton and Longreach and also, the seascapes of the Central Coast of NSW where I now call home.

Having spent my childhood growing up on a property at the foot of the Blue Mountains area and even living in the mountains directly after art school for a short time, I feel exhibiting INVICTUS in Katoomba is a cathartic journey of coming home, celebrating the emotional impact the Australian landscape and seascape has had on me as an artist.