Burning times #2 , 1990, polaroid,shellac, charcoal on canvas, 40x 30cm (detail)

Stone map # 2, 1990, shellac on paper, 40x30cm (detail)

Temple of Tarxien, 1990, shellac, charcoal on paper, 100x100cm

Sacred woman, 1990, mixed media drawing & collage on paper, 100x75cm (detail)

This series of mixed media collages occurred in my last semester of art school. I had just arrived back in Australia after visiting Malta for the first time since I was a child. I was overwhelmed when I discovered Malta’s pagan history and began a series of works dealing with the Neolithic Goddess Temples and my own identity as a first generation Maltese Australian. This was the beginning of the development of my own style, utilizing happy accidents eventually led me to the use of shellac and collaged photography in my work.