Exhibition opening: Saturday 20 November 2/4pm with artist Maree Azzopardi, #ROADTRIP, curated by Jonathan Turner.

Exhibition on view: 20 November to 6 December 2021.

Please observe the current Covid19 health directives.

Maree Azzopardi‘s recent paintings plot the impact of the Australian landscape on the artist, both emotionally and spiritually, and the idea of taking a journey from the bush to the outback, both real and imagined. Initially her works were created in response to the destruction of the Black Summer Fires. Her “fire-works” in black and gold are created from different strata of paint, charcoal, Sumi Japanese ink and lacquer. In such paintings as “I Heard The Earth Praying”, gilded texts emerge from the highly textured surfaces, while painterly details focus on the regenerative nature of wattle. The paint is sometimes as coarse as a hessian sack, with angular elements including wire fences, burnt branches and budding leaves.

While Azzopardi’s more minimal landscapes represent what she calls “the expansive nothingness of the outback”, her sparse paintings of horizons and highways suggest their own narratives, made up from many layers of pale terracotta, dusty pink and skin-tones. In some of her latest paintings, Azzopardi views the landscape from above. Her birds-eye panoramas show meandering rivers, ridges and bush tracks. It is as though she is creating her own topographical map of emotions, documenting the natural processes of recovery after loss, and healing through dreams.
Jonathan Turner, curator

Images, top to bottom
Maree Azzopardi, Pretty in Pink # 2, Road Trip Series, 2021, mixed media on canvas, 36 x 36cm
Maree Azzopardi, How I wish I could lighten your burden, 2020, bushfire charcoal, gouache, ink on cotton rag paper, 56 x 76cm
Maree Azzopardi, I Heard the Earth Praying, 2021, mixed media on canvas, 107 x107cm
Maree Azzopardi, The path your’e on will lead you there, 2021, acrylic, bushfire charcoal on canvas, 50.5 x 101cm