• Exquisite Corpse Exhibition Rome

Il Ponte Contemporanea, Roma

Opening 8 January 2020

Maree Azzopardi’s new works continue the artist’s ongoing engagement with themes of  religious symbolism and the polarities of earth and water. Her photographs act as memorials for the people and places they remember and record. They include personal memories and family narrative and the works explore themes of loss, retrieval, commemoration and bearing witness.

For the first time, the artist has printed photographs onto linen which have been detailed in gold thread embroidery sewn by the artist. These works harness the symbolic power of linen in Catholic ritual and iconography, especially altar cloths and the practice of shrouding the dead.  Il Ponte Contemporeanea will be showing her selected works,  Wings of Desire Series in her new solo show at Il Ponte Contemporeanea, celebrating her almost 24 year exhibiting history with the gallery in Rome.

Patron Aniek Baten and sponsored by The Australian Embassy in Rome.

Australian Embassy Italy