Passionate suffering, 1995, mixed media painting & collage with 22ct Gold leaf, 120x80cm

Pure from the fire, 1995, mixed media painting & collage on paper, 200 x 100cm

Secretly by night, 1995, mixed media collage on paper, 80x50cm

Metamorphosis, 1995, mixed media collage with 22ct Gold leaf, 60x80cm

Apparently I was dedicated to the Virgin Mary when I was born thus being named after her. The Virgin Mary has played an important part in my life. For most of my the time I had no idea how important a part she had played, but in the last decade she has been my major inspiration in my work. As an artist I love the way she has been portrayed throughout the centuries. I suppose if it was not for her I would never have become an artist in the first place. As a child I was constantly mesmerized by her image, whether she was carved, painted, gilded in gold or just printed on a holy card. Her image has not only been tattooed in my heart but on me physically too. I find her image very comforting in a kitsch sort of way. Her powerful image originates from the pagan earth goddess icons that celebrated women’s life cycles. You will notice that the countries that seem to have a Virgin Mary cult, such as Malta, Ireland and Mexico also have origins of a strong pagan goddess history. Her essence is the same but different . I am an avid collector of all things Mary, be it her image on paintings and prints, various statues, holy cards and rosary beads and even a lamp or two. As far as Im concerned the more we see her image in the world, plastered on everything, the better the world will be.